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Protect what's important with a wallet made to last.

Tired of so-called "indestructable" wallets that are all hype? Where the competitors literally fall apart in your hand, Scudo is a wallet built to take whatever you throw at it. Milled from a block of solid aluminum and finished with military-grade Type III hardcoat, this wallet doesn't mess around—but it's still light enough to fit in your pocket for everyday use.

Solid Aluminum Wallet

Cut to perfection with state-of-the-art precision machine work. Won't bend, break, or fall apart. You won't find another wallet like this.

Locks tight, yet easy to open

Unique toggle mechanism keeps contents where they belong, and still allows for quick one-handed opening.

Deep Laser Etching

Officially licensed logos, different designs, with new styles added every month!

Lightweight at 4 oz

Fits in any pocket, and at 4oz you'll hardly know it's there.

MGW SCUDO Billet Aluminum Wallet
RFID Blocking

All-metal construction keeps your cards safe from electronic interference.

Military-Grade Finish

Type III hard coat anodized aluminum finish won't scratch or scuff. Choice of Satin Black or Gunmetal Grey.

Huge Capacity

Fully fits 16(!) credit cards, with room for cash and still closes with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does SCUDO mean?

"Scudo" is Italian for "shield." What does this wallet mean? This is not a minimalist wallet like the ones littering eBay and Amazon. This is a precision-made bespoke wallet designed to last for years of the most rugged use & abuse. SCUDO is a lifestyle statement—you're the kind of person that wants a wallet built to last, sturdy and rugged.

Why can't I get red, blue, etc?

Type III anodized coating has a naturally dark look on aluminum. This type of coating is used on military gear for its durability and chemical resistance. If you see any brightly colored anodized products, that's a Type II anodized coat which will scuff and mark easily.

How do I open/close the wallet?

The Scudo's unique hinge opens and closes easily. Watch this short video for more details.

Is it RFID blocking?

Don't worry, your cards are safe! The wallet is milled from a solid piece of aluminum, effective at blocking radio signals.

How big is this wallet?

Front to back the wallet is about a finger's width, about 0.7" thick. Overall it's about the size of a smaller smartphone with a case, but weighs an extremely light 4oz (113g).

Will I get stopped by the TSA?

No! We've tested in airports across the country with zero issues. Compact, but with room for 16 cards and cash the Scudo makes a great travel companion.

Can this go in my back pocket?

Scudo wallets are designed for any pocket, front or back. The wallet has a slight curve to hug your body, and despite it's huge capacity it's still smaller than a comparable leather tri-fold wallet.

I still have a question!

We'd love to answer it! Just email us at or call at 706-793-1770.

Many logos to choose from including officially licensed Ford logos!

View All Billet Silver

Deep Etched—$69–$82

Stunning deep-etched engraving. Before our wallets go for the coating process, we use our 80W laser to deep-burn the logo of your choice for a lasting, tactile finish. Because the etched material is protected by the same Type III top coat as the rest of the wallet, it will stand up to use & abuse without a scratch.

Available: Official Ford™ Logo Series, Signature Series, and Deluxe Series.

Explore all Deep Etch

MGW Logo Deep Etch
Sugar Skull Deep Etch
Distressed Flag Deep Etch
Patriot Skull Deep Etch
Coyote Deep Etch
Cobra Classic Deep Etch

… and more!

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Vector Burn—$68–$76

Striking fine engraved designs. For a contrasting look, after the Type III top coat is applied we can apply what we call the "Vector Burn"— a fine outline-only logo etched by our high-powered laser, for a classy custom look at very little added cost.

Available: Official Ford™ Logo Series, Patriot Series (coming soon!), Vector Logos, and Monogram Crest.

Explore all Vectors

MGW Logo Vector $68
Sugar Skull Vector
Distressed Flag Vector
Patriot Skull Vector
Coyote Vector
Cobra GT350 Vector

Lanyard Kit — $5

The SCUDO lanyard kit consists of a CNC machined 303SS attachment stud that screws into the lower port on every wallet. The kit comes with several options to mount anything you want to your SCUDO. Also in the kit is a long 18 inch chain to attach to your front belt loop to keep your wallet from falling out or dropping.

Holds up to 16 credit or ID cards, with room for cash!

Or, use as a stylish business card holder; up to 30 business cards!