Custom SCUDOs

We can print your club's, company's, team's, or whatever on any of our SCUDO wallets. All we need is an image file that meets the requirements outlined below.

Minimum order of 10 required. Please click here to contact us for pricing.

All images must be:

  • Black on a white background, no shades of grey
  • Minimum by 600x600, no bigger than 1200x1200
  • High resolution
  • Non-copyrighted or your intellectual property


Examples of Bad/Good Images

This image will not render because it is actually a photo of a patch. Taking a picture of a logo on a product will not render because the image is not FLAT. Also, any image that has texture will look fuzzy and blurry when laser burning.


This image is flat but there are too many layers and shades of grey. The laser will only burn or not burn. Your image must be completely black on white background with no layering ( detail stacked on top of other detail ). You must be able to clearly see the outline of what you want rendered.


This is a good example of a proper image and format. The image is perfect black on white background with no shading. It is also large enough and crisp in detail to allow a nice detailed laser burn . We prefer simple JPEG images of at least 600x600 and no larger than 1200x1200. If your image is larger please scale down. If it is smaller then you will risk losing detail and crispness of the image outline when we convert to a vector.

Once you have found a proper image file, email it to for review. We will contact you with pricing and turn around and options. At that point we will require full payment of your order before we proceed. These are custom SCUDOS so we cannot risk making them and not having a sale.

Also, before you send us any images please keep in mind the following:

  1. The image MUST be free of any copyright or trademark protection. Most likely if it’s a super hero, brand label , cartoon character etc. , we will NOT be able to offer it . We are licensed with several Automobile manufacturers and are looking to expand our logo offerings.
  2. Turn-around time can vary based on stock available. Please contact us if you need your order fulfilled by a specific date. The max amount of time it can take for fulfillment is six weeks.
  3. All sales for custom SCUDOS are FINAL. There are no returns or refunds accepted on custom orders.

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