Frequently Asked Questions

What does SCUDO mean?

"Scudo" is Italian for "shield." What does this wallet mean? This is not a minimalist wallet like the ones littering eBay and Amazon. This is a precision-made bespoke wallet designed to last for years of the most rugged use & abuse. SCUDO is a lifestyle statement—you're the kind of person that wants a wallet built to last, sturdy and rugged, just like you.

Is it RFID blocking?

Don't worry, your cards are safe! The wallet is milled from a solid piece of aluminum, effective at blocking radio signals.

How big is this wallet?

The biggest misconception about the SCUDO wallet is that it is bulky and heavy. Front to back the wallet is about a finger's deep width, about 0.7" thick. Overall it's about the size of a smaller smartphone with a case, but weighs an extremely light 4oz (113g).

What colors are available?

Currently, we offer billet silver, gunmetal grey, and dark earth metalic – with more colors coming soon.

Will I get stopped by the TSA?

No! We've tested in airports across the country with zero issues. Compact, but with room for 16 cards and cash the Scudo makes a great travel companion.

Can this go in my back pocket?

Yes. Scudo wallets are designed for any pocket, front or back. Most of our customer use it as a front-pocket wallet. Despite it's huge capacity, it's still smaller than a comparable leather tri-fold wallet.

How do I open/close the SCUDO wallet?

Is there a trick to easily accesing the cards in the center of the stack?

Which option is better – smooth vector or deep etch?

Both options have advantages. The smooth vector offers better contrast, which makes the logo more easily visible. The deep etched option has a unique depth and tactile feel to it.

I still have a question!

We'd love to answer it! Just email us at or call at 706-793-1770.

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