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Frequently Asked Questions

What does SCUDO mean?

"Scudo" is Italian for "shield." What does this wallet mean? This is not a minimalist wallet like the ones littering eBay and Amazon. This is a precision-made bespoke wallet designed to last for years of the most rugged use & abuse. SCUDO is a lifestyle statement—you're the kind of person that wants a wallet built to last, sturdy and rugged, just like you.

Is it RFID blocking?

Don't worry, your cards are safe! The wallet is milled from a solid piece of aluminum, effective at blocking radio signals.

Why can't I get red, blue, etc?

Type III anodized coating has a naturally dark look on aluminum. This type of coating is used on military gear for its durability and chemical resistance. If you see any brightly colored anodized products, that's a Type II anodized coat which will scuff and mark easily.

How big is this wallet?

Front to back the wallet is about a finger's deep width, about 0.7" thick. Overall it's about the size of a smaller smartphone with a case, but weighs an extremely light 4oz (113g).

Will I get stopped by the TSA?

No! We've tested in airports across the country with zero issues. Compact, but with room for 16 cards and cash the Scudo makes a great travel companion.

Can this go in my back pocket?

Scudo wallets are designed for any pocket, front or back. The wallet has a slight curve to hug your body, and despite it's huge capacity it's still smaller than a comparable leather tri-fold wallet.

I still have a question!

We'd love to answer it! Just email us at or call at 706-793-1770.